JavaScript nerd based inBelfast. I spend my days writing complex over engineered web applications and my nights reading and writing about JavaScript while drinking some fine hipstercoffeebeer.

I can be usually found in the localpub or at a very informativemeetup

I have also talk at many meetups and conferences, most notable NI Dev Conf:

  • There’s no Imposters Here:The google trend for imposter syndrome took a spike in December 2014, it wasn’t until mid 2017 that the topic reached peek in the tech industry. It is an indiscriminate force that affects all people in tech. Fueled by the constant bombardment of blog posts, tweets and new advancements in technology. Imposter syndrome can haunt someone throughout their career. However “there are no imposters here” The tech community is actively working to remove barriers and provide inclusion for all. In these times we need to identify and stop imposter syndrome.
  • Top 5 Chrome Developer Tools Features:A quick paced look at my top 5 most used and most useful Chrome Developers Tools features. From inspecting elements to profiles applications.