Hactorberfest Checker

October 12, 2018

As part of Hacktoberfest you need to at least open 5 pull requests to get the sticker and t-shirt. I remember last year seeing a status tracker that could check your progress. So this year I thought I would build out my own tracker. Also this gave me a chance to play with TypeScript and a great excuse to use the amazing codesandbox.

The basics of building the app was to find a way to search a Github user and get a list of the pull requests they have opened. Thankfully Github has a easy to use search tool. I tested out the query I needed:

author:chrislaughlin -created:<=2018-10-01 -created:>=2018-11-01

I can then use this with the Github API${username} -created:<=2018-10-01 -created:>=2018-11-01. Once I got this working I could build out a very simple and not good looking app to allow users to enter a username and then search for pull request data.

Status Checker

You can see the code and try it out yourself below: