Safe Version

June 18, 2018

I recently messed up creating a new version in work. I ran our normal version script which boils down to npm version major | minor | patch. We have a bunch of commit and version hooks that take care of the rest of our version process. However this time I run the script I messed up! I when to push the new git tag that the version script creates. The was rejected as the tag already existed. I did the cardinal sin and forgot to pull the latest master before I ran any processes locally.

In comes Safe Version

From this I decided to create a version script that would run checks for me and give feedback. So after checking that the name safe-version was not taken on npm I jumped at the chance to release a new npm module.

Safe Version


If you want to use safe-version in your project you can follow the below steps:

  • Install safe release via npm using the following command npm i safe-version
  • Add a new script to your package.json file that runs the following npm bump: "safe-version"
  • Then when increasing the project version run the following command npm run bump -- --patch

If you find this useful check out the module and if you find any issues or bugs feel free to great an issue or pull request.