Podcasts 2019 Part 2

October 20, 2019

To continue from my last post about the podcasts that I listen to lets, look at some others podcasts that I do not only listen to but have been part of.

Web Talks NI

Hosted by Gareth Stirling, Web Talks NI is a podcast showcasing the talented people of tech based in Northern Ireland. This is a great podcast for anyone based in Northern Ireland. Getting to hear stories from real developers, designers, conference organisers, products managers and many more. The format is a very relaxed conversation styles where the guest can really put forward their story and views.

The reason this get a special mention is due to my appearance as a guest on the podcast. On episode 12 I talked to Gareth about my experience with tech talks and how I have advanced my public speaking “career”. We also talked about how giving tech talks can be a great boost for someones tech career and how this can open you to more job roles. It is also an amazing way to learn more about tech.

This was my first time on a podcast and like my first tech talk I was hooked so you can guess what happened next…

The Beard and Blonde

After getting the podcast bug I decided to start my own podcast with my wife. We had always talked about starting our own podcast for a year or so but never got around to doing it. The catalyst was WebTalksNI shortly after I took the step of buying a cheap (encase I lost interest and didn’t need it anymore) mic from Amazon and we came up with some rough idea’s for the podcast. Each episode so far has been a learning experience on how to use the Anchor app and how long someone can sit talking and drinking without a break. We have successfully recorded 3 episodes with many more on paper that need recorded.

So have a listen and let us know what you think on our twitter