Podcasts 2019

September 11, 2019

As I mentioned in my last post I listen to a lot of different podcasts on my way to and from work. I thought it would be interesting to list them out and a rough explanation of what they are.



An amazing frontend focused podcast with Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski the focus is usually around all the aspects of front end development with a mix of developer lifestyle thrown in here and there. They also talk about their own hobbies outside of tech which shows a good balance.

React Podcast

As a react developer this is a must podcast to keep up with whats going on in the wonderful world of React. Hosted by the amazing Michael Chan each episode Michael interviews someone of note in the React world. From library authors to the React core team. He has also branched our to tech related to React such as Gatsby and GraphQL.

JS Party

A weekly panel podcast on everything JavaScript. There is a rough regular panel that will invite guests to discuss whats going on in the world of JavaScript. The cover some really good topics and have people on both sides of the debate. As their tag line says “A community celebration of JavaScript and the web” they try to include all levels of the community and get many views.

Front End Happy Hour

I think its the concept or as I call it drinking that got me into this podcast. Covering a wide range of topics the regular panel have one or more quests to discuss a topic in the world of JavaScript. They also play a drinking game where a key word is decided at the start of the episode and each time its mentioned the panel all take a drink.

The Diff

A really cool podcast from the open source team at facebook. Many of the episodes follow the beginning of tech that has come from facebook and now open sources and used my many. A really good listen if you like to know the history of the tech you use.


Hosted by Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler. Listen to ths only to hear the back and forth between these to. Usually with a drink in them, they talk about tech mostly frontend tech. They have guests on to talk a bout whatever they are working on but its usually breaks down into just random rambling.

React Round Up

Hosted by Jack Herrington, Paige Niedringhaus, TJ VanToll, and Carl Mungazi. Every week they get together to talk all things React, front-end, and developer careers.



Hosted by Ben Makuch, Cyber is a security focused podcast run by Vice. Each week Ben talks with Motherboard reporters Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox about the stories they’re breaking and to the industry’s most famous hackers and researchers about the biggest news in cybersecurity. Its a great podcast to keep up with whats going on in thw world of hacking and data breaches. After each show you will instantly change your passwords and put tape over your web cam.

Darknet Diaries

Hosted by Jack Rhysider, Darknet Diaries covers different stories and events in the hacker world. This is an amazing podcast that gives you a real world view into the world of hacking blue and red teams and all the drama and stories that go along with it.

Random Misc

99% Invisible

The first non tech podcast that I started listening to and now one of my top! Hosted by the smooth talking Roman Mars. 99% Invisible is a podcast that covers any topic Structural Integrity to Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture. This make for some good dinner or drunken conversation.

Something Rhymes with Purple

For anyone who loves to know the origin or a work this podcast is a must. Hosted by Susie Dent and Gyles Brandreth from countdown fame. Each week they take a topic and break down the different words surrounding it. Usually going off on a tangent and getting lost down a rabbit hole of words. The best part if the three words and their background at the end. Also giving you the perfect dinner party chat.

What podcasts are you listening to? Do you listen to any of these? Let me know on twitter!